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Nijenhuis Bloembollen is a bulb company in Espel in the Noordoostpolder and specializing in the cultivation of tulips and gladioli. With over 30 years of experience with growing their own species Nijenhuis is a leading grower of tulips and gladioli.

Our advantages

  • More than 30 years experience in cultivation of gladioli and tulips
  • Innovative
  • Coltivation of own gladioli and tulips


Nijenhuis Bloembollen does have a wide range of tulips. Currently tulip cultivation covers about 40 ha of crops and 20 acres under contract for third parties. Nijenhuis has tulips bulbs in the colors yellow, purple, red, red / yellow, red / white and pink. See now all tulips in the catalog.

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The cultivation of gladiolus occupies a large place in the company. Through years of experience with this crop, we are able to grow in different shapes and sizes. Nijenhuis has gladiolus bulbs in the colors, cream, yellow, yellow / green, yellow / pink, green, red and white. See all the gladioli flower bulbs

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