The cultivation of seed potatoes also occupies an important place in the company and covers an area of about 20 hectares.

The potatoes are mainly cultivated for Agrico Holland and contain species protected by growers’ rights as well as free species. We predominantly grow base class potatoes; S class potatoes are acquired via root cultivation companies. Remarkable for our company is the way of cultivation.

Cultivation system – unique in the Netherlands

The track width we work with was changed from 150 to 180 cm more than ten years ago, which made growing potatoes on ridges of 75 cm quite unpractical.

Cultivation of seed potatoes on ridges of 90 cm was less profitable since it meant fewer rows per ridge, which eliminated it as an option.

Our search for other cultivation systems brought us to England and the quadgrow system. We now grow potatoes on broad ridges of 90 cm on that system.

In the quadgrow system, potatoes are planted across the diagonals to achieve a good plant distribution. On a ridge of 90 cm, two rows of potatoes are planted 26 cm away from the other rows on the ridge. The advantage of the quadgrow system compared to one-row-one-ridge is that quadgrow produces more potatoes in saleable sizes. On average the returns are higher than with cultivation on 75 cm, or row-on-row on 90 cm. Small growth sizes also have good returns, and there is less foliage.

We are the only company in the Netherlands, as far as is currently known, that has adopted this system completely.

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