Kikomachi – tulip bulbs: yellow

Kikomachi – yellow tulip bulbs

Wonderful potting tulip with wider leaf position and sturdy stalk. Flower is quite large, starts out pinched but straightens out wonderfully later on. Continues to grow somewhat in the neck. Best to use as potting tulip from early-half February. Also suitable for later forcing when using proper cold dosing. Has gained popularity in later forcing with proper cold weeks. In that case yields a great bunch of tulips with appropriate weight.


Values Minimum Ideal Maximum
Vernalisation period 12 14 18
Kasdagen 26 22 18
Length 15 20 25


Group Triumph Tulp (TT)
Crossing -
Mutant -
Colour Yellow
Forcing from 01-01
Intermediate temperature 5-6 weeks


Firm Firm
Leaf position Risen
Flower Single
Preservation Good

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