The cultivation of gladiolus occupies a large place in the company. Through years of experience with this crop, we are able to grow in different shapes and sizes. Nijenhuis has gladiolus bulbs in the colors, cream, yellow, yellow / green, yellow / pink, green, red and white. See all the gladioli flower bulbs

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Bonfite gladiolus bulbs: red

The Bonfire is a bright red, heavy gladiolus. With lots of red flowers on the spike and a beautiful bud presentation red gladiolus acquires the necess...

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Kir Royal – gladiolus bulbs: red

This red gladiolus is forced medium-late into the season and produces a heavy gladiolus. The flower has a light heart and often buds many flowers at o...

Tags: gladioli-red
Manhattan gladiolus bulbs: red

Manhattan is a soft red cutting gladiolus which is primarily exported to Taiwan.The Manhattan feels perfectly at home in the humid and warm climate of...

Tags: gladioli-red
Oscar – gladiolus bulbs: red

Oscar is a dark red gladiolus which is often seen in the cutting trade as well as the dry sales. Oscar’s leaves are somewhat lighter green than ...

Tags: gladioli-red
Traderhorn gladiolus bulbs: red

Traderhorn is a red gladiolus with a white throat. Traderhorn is a heavily used cultivar enjoyed world-wide.

Tags: gladioli-red
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