The cultivation of gladiolus occupies a large place in the company. Through years of experience with this crop, we are able to grow in different shapes and sizes. Nijenhuis has gladiolus bulbs in the colors, cream, yellow, yellow / green, yellow / pink, green, red and white. See all the gladioli flower bulbs

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Route Du Soleil – gladiolus bulbs: yellow

The neon yellow Route de Soleil is medium-heavy and forces medium-early. This yellow gladiolus is a quick and steady bloomer and is generally well rec...

Snowdon – gladiolus bulbs: white

Snowdon is a snow white gorgeous gladiolus. This gladiolus has pretty green leaves with stunning white flowers. This plant is a great substitute for o...

Traderhorn gladiolus bulbs: red

Traderhorn is a red gladiolus with a white throat. Traderhorn is a heavily used cultivar enjoyed world-wide.

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