Sunny Prince – tulp: cream yellow

Sunny Prince – cream yellow tulipSunny Prince is a cream yellow tulip. Firm flowers, some pinched leaves, like Yokohama. Flower is pinched too, fairly big and very strong. Flourishes between the blade tips, it...

Monte carlo – tulip bulbs: yellow

Monte carlo – yellow tulip bulbs Great stand, leaves somewhat pointy and slender, good stalk, wonderful wild tulip spits. Semi-double flower, tends to form extra flowers with early heat. Great for early and l...

Monsella – tulip bulbs: yellow red

Monsella – yellow red tulip bulbs Quite large heavy plants with awesome stalk and wonderful leave position in early forcing. Flowers quite large, first appears crumpled but then straightens out beautifully la...

Strong gold – tulip bulbs: yellow

Strong gold – yellow tulip bulbs Large tall plant with long stalk and great leave position, somewhat pinched. Quite a pointy flower, large and doesn’t continue growing in the neck. So far it has proven ...

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