Armani – tulip bulbs: red white

Armani – red white tulip bulbs Just like the fashion label by the same name, understated sophistication is the word for ‘Armani’. As most tulips it has a single flower, but with a remarkable colour, wi...

Red westfrisian – tulip bulbs: red

Red westfrisian – red tulip bulbs Large plant with hard pointy flower. The flower colours in the plant (gorgeous trading phase) and remains closed. The stalk has a decent length, but could’ve been longer in ...

Red power – tulp: rood

Tags: tulips-red
Red power – rode tulp Quite big flowers with a black pow and a quite big leaf position. The flower forms like a ball, colours between the leaves and grows slowly into the neck. Flower a little lose in constru...

Purple flag – tulip: purple

Tags: tulips-red
Oxford – red tulip Fairy big flowers with quite a lot of wide leaves. Flower has a beautiful model, blooms above the grass, so the neck grows quick. Sensitive to cold for a tip. Grows far into the neck. Only ...

Oxford – tulip bulbs: red

Tags: tulips-red
Oxford – red tulip bulbs Quite sizeable plants with quite a lot of wide leaves. Beautifully shaped flower, blooms above the plant, so quickly has a neck. Continues to grow extra more in the neck. Sensitive to cold...

Leen van der mark – tulip bulbs: red white

Leen van der mark – red white tulip bulbs Wonderful leaf position and good stalk, great wild tulip. Flower is quite pinched and bulbous. Has a cream edge. Works both for early and late forcing. Especially long las...

First price – tulip bulbs: red

Tags: tulips-red
First price – red tulip bulbs Large heavy plants with great stalk and wonderful leaf position in earlier forcing. Flowers quite large, first appears crumpled but then straightens out beautifully later on. Only con...

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