Sweet rosy – tulp: roze

Sweet Rosy – pink tulp

Sweet Rosy is a pink bloomtulip for late growth.

Outstanding is the old-pink color and a good flower head produce. This distinct color becomes more popular in foreign countrys.

Good flowers with a rubust settle and decent leaf position but a weak stem. Big head, little square in size and colours between the tips. Grows though the neck and presents the large head quickly. Good tulip for mid- and late growth with a unique oldpink color that turns sallow as time goes on.


Values Minimum Ideal Maximum
Vernalisation period 15
Kasdagen 25
Length 36


Group Triumph Tulp (TT)
Crossing -
Mutant -
Colour pink (old pink)
Forcing from 20-12
Intermediate temperature 3-4 weeks


Firm Normal
Leaf position Risen
Flower Single
Preservation Moderate

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