Oxford – tulip bulbs: red

Oxford – red tulip bulbs

Quite sizeable plants with quite a lot of wide leaves. Beautifully shaped flower, blooms above the plant, so quickly has a neck. Continues to grow extra more in the neck. Sensitive to cold temperatures. Actually only suitable for late forcing. Can be used as 5 degree tulip from the plant phase 10-12 (12 weeks). Especially suitable for dry sales. Often used in gardens and parks.


Values Minimum Ideal Maximum
Vernalisation period 15 18 22
Kasdagen 28 22 18
Length 37 52 45


Group Darwintulp hybride (DWH)
Crossing -
Mutant -
Colour Red
Forcing from 15-01
Intermediate temperature 3-4 weeks


Firm Firm
Leaf position Risen
Flower Single
Preservation Moderate

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