Purple Flora gladiolus bulbs: purple

Purple Flora is a purple cut and dry sale gladiolus with very dark purple buds that give beautiful purple flowers. It blooms early to halfway through the season and is often used in the cutting trade. The pot life is goo...

Prima Verde gladiolus bulbs: green

Prima Verde is a green gladiolus which stands out thanks to its vivid purple stripe in the flower. The plant generally produces beautiful, medium-heavy flowers. Thanks to its special colour combination this extremely ear...

Kir Royal – gladiolus bulbs: red

Tags: gladioli-red
This red gladiolus is forced medium-late into the season and produces a heavy gladiolus. The flower has a light heart and often buds many flowers at once. Highly promising thanks to its long spike, and keeps its promise ...

Route Du Soleil – gladiolus bulbs: yellow

The neon yellow Route de Soleil is medium-heavy and forces medium-early. This yellow gladiolus is a quick and steady bloomer and is generally well received. The Route de Soleil has an average length of 1.30 meters. This ...

Traderhorn gladiolus bulbs: red

Tags: gladioli-red
Traderhorn is a red gladiolus with a white throat. Traderhorn is a heavily used cultivar enjoyed world-wide.

Oscar – gladiolus bulbs: red

Tags: gladioli-red
Oscar is a dark red gladiolus which is often seen in the cutting trade as well as the dry sales. Oscar’s leaves are somewhat lighter green than those of most gladioli. That actually helps its dark red colour to rea...

Mon Amour gladiool: pink yellow white

Mon Amour gladiool: pink yellow white Mon Amour is because of his colours a unique gladioli. The favorite color, a combination of complementing pink, yellow and white, makes this gladioli very popular. The Fre...

Snowdon – gladiolus bulbs: white

Snowdon is a snow white gorgeous gladiolus. This gladiolus has pretty green leaves with stunning white flowers. This plant is a great substitute for other white types of gladioli.  Snowdon has an average length of 1...

Manhattan gladiolus bulbs: red

Tags: gladioli-red
Manhattan is a soft red cutting gladiolus which is primarily exported to Taiwan.The Manhattan feels perfectly at home in the humid and warm climate of Taiwan.It can also be a very welcome addition to the existing varieti...

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